3D Energy Card

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  • FOR MOOD IMPROVEMENT, mental calmness, muscle relaxation, overall wellbeing and peacefulness,
  • INCREASE VITALITY improves human energetic bio-field, decrease in stress factor & greatly reduce water genotoxicity.
  • CONSTANT INTERACTION WITH IEP offer support in active involvement in the processes, as well as reducing the negative consequences of past events and current harmful effects

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Based on years of research, insights and feedback, we have produced a card that is supportive to life processes and helpful in managing life situations.

Because we are highly structured beings, it sometimes happens that the available potentials cannot offer sufficient support; namely, we are rarely given the chance to choose the best solution. Especially in difficult situations, it is important that we are able to act with clear mind and completely focused. In this, a wide range of information and impulses generated by the Poznik Informed Card is here to support us.

The card's characteristic is that its functioning is included in the processes proportionally, i.e., when there is a lack of energy, the information is working to accelerate the processes, and on other occasions, the information helps us to balance and calm ourselves down. Our well-being and ability to respond are largely dependent on balance – the harmony of processes within the body and the influences that we receive from the environment in the primary sense, or in all forms of environmental response to our activities. In the presence of this card, complex processes receive support for the achievement of balance and renewal of vital processes.

The card is a visual carrier of various forms of numerical code that are structured by various colours and shapes. Via a special process, each card is filled with information, at least 300,000 of them, and includes various areas related to human beings, our history, ancient knowledge, and contemporary insights.

The information includes positive experiences from many disciplines and directs processes into what is most favourable for the individual and the community. In all this, a specific set of information is included which ensures that natural laws and processes are taken into account in a way that free will and decision making are preserved.


Like everything in our part of the Universe, the card, too, has its stronger and weaker side. The card is marked with an indicator which side offers 50% of the potential and which 100% of the potential. When using the card for the first time, its contact with the body should be with 50% of its power (the back of the card); if you feel well afterwards, you can turn the card around and get 100% of the potential. On the basis of special findings and measurements in accordance with the Poznik Technology, we recommend that you use the card with the goal of influencing the processes and your well-being by keeping it in your left hand for a while, or by placing it on the left side of your body. With this, you are considering the finding that the left side of the body receives information, while the right one does not have these characteristics.

When using the card, it is important to remember that each of us is unique and so everyone needs to monitor their own responses when using the Poznik Informed Card, closely. This means that when you use the card and the change you detect is unfavourable, then you move the card from the left pocket to the right one – this way, the card's impact will be greatly reduced.

However, when you feel that the changes you are detecting are favourable, you can proceed with the card use as before. The card will give us support in all life situations; however, this does not mean that we will be able to completely change complex processes with its use. The card provides support in influencing the flow of changes in which we are still the main actors. Sometimes, we only need a little help to change or achieve what we desire; in this case, the card will definitely be of great help. If we use the card when trying to write the Diploma thesis, for example, the card will certainly not provide us with the necessary knowledge, but by using it, we will achieve greater concentration in order to achieve our goal.

It is best to test the performance of the card empirically; i.e., everyone should compare their state of the body and mind with the card and without it. And anyone who is skilled in any of the techniques of radiesthesia or kinesiology can perform tests again and again.

The card works as soon as it is placed on the body – we use it within our own biofield, which means that we either hold it in the left hand or place it on the left side of the body. Life with the card is nicer, because everyone can benefit from additional help and support, both in performing ordinary tasks, as well as in situations when we suffer from lack of energy and increased stress.

Like a mother's desire to calm the baby's heart, so the card can affect our well-being. Today it is known that the human heart emits an electromagnetic field, which affects our emotions. The magnetic field of the heart can influence the processes in our vicinity and with directed impulses we can influence the beneficial processes in the body. Positive emotions alter confusion in the nervous system and enable the balance of processes, and a positive attitude enables the brain to make good decisions. The decision to buy the Poznik Informed Card is also a good decision and a privilege for those who understand more.