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  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES the risk caused by the radiation of mobile and portable phones.
  • INCREASE VITALITY improves human energetic bio-field, decrease in stress factor & greatly reduce water genotoxicity.
  • EFFECTIVE EMF NEUTRALIZER ensures that the water in the body returns back to the form it had before it was affected by EMF radiation.
  • CONSTANT INTERACTION WITH IEP offer support in active involvement in the processes, as well as reducing the negative consequences of past events and current harmful effects.
  • AWARDED TECHNOLOGY for protection against the negative effects of the use of mobile phones (Exhibition of Inventions: INPEX – Pittsburgh, USA, Geneva, Switzerland...).

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PROTECTS AND IMPROVES WELLBEING = informational energy potential (IEP)

Mobile phone radiation changes the water in the body; not only the distribution of water molecules but also their shape. Such water no longer facilitates proper cell function. The body attempts to correct the water for its needs, which requires a great deal of energy that could be used for other important tasks, such as adjusting to the environment and self-healing. 3D Mobile TAG "helps" water to recuperate more quickly and with less energy.

Information imprinted into 3D energy tag harmonizes the molecular structure of water in the brain and body, shattered by mobile phone radiation. Energy tag does not affect the technical operations of the mobile phone device in any way. The coded Mobile phone energy tag is not subject to wear.

3D Mobile TAG stimulates the water in our body (on average 75 percent of our weight) to return to the "healthy" structure – to the form, which the water in our body had before the mobile phone radiation had reached it, regardless of the mobile phone strength.

Informed Mobile phone radiation protection tag with its embossed Magic Life symbol has won the Gold Prize at the IMPEX Invention Show in Pittsburgh, USA and the Bronze Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Poznik EMF Mobile Protection Award

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