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  • FOR MOOD IMPROVEMENT, mental calmness, muscle relaxation, overall wellbeing and peacefulness,
  • REDUCING NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF ELECTROSMOG POLLUTION caused by various electronics and gadgets, Wifi networks, mobile devices.
  • REMOVE THE CAUSES of your tiredness and a loss of will, energy tags for windows make you feel better, cleanse the air, refresh spaces, enhance and extand your concentration, reduce physical fatigue
  • IMPROVED EFFECT ON YOUR WELL-BEING - The energetic parameters of human bio-field are significant improved, the amount of negative ions increases. Energy tag operate without interruption and do not require additional energy.
  • FOR GEOPATHIC STRESS PROTECTION - Designed to clear a home or an office from harmful vibrations and strengthen your own, personal energy

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The Energy Tags, which are made by using Poznik Technology, restore the natural attributes and vibrations in the water and air. The Energy tags act as a carrier of information and codes which transform chemical and physical attributes of water and air in the surroundings and thus affect the wellbeing of people, animals and plants. Our moods are improved, we are less tired and the negative effects of electrical pollution by various gadgets are reduced. The Plates should be put on the windows of living rooms, offices, workplaces and wherever we want to influence the active processes.

For mood improvement, mental calmness, muscle relaxation, overall wellbeing and peacefulness. Also reducing negative effects of electromagnetic pollution caused by various electronics and gadgets.

Can be used for home and office.

The tag must be placed on the inside of the window.

How to apply the tag

  • Clean the desired spot and let it dry completely.
  • Carefully peel off the tag; preferably use tweezers.
  • Apply the tag to clean and dry surface so that XX-YY code is at the bottom of the tag.
  • Clean the tag only with water.

Units in the package: 1 pc