Hydronic for the House

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  • STRUCTURED WATER Improves body hydration, The skin is tighter and better hydrated, Improves digestion, Increases mental and physical fitness, Slows ageing, Promotes body detox...,
  • REDUCE NEGATIVE EFFECT of the remains of pharmaceutical compounds in the water is reduced by up to 70%, promotes the elimination of chlorine, the amount of nitrates in the water is reduced
  • REVIVES WATER with positive information and cleans the unwanted memory held within the water of chemical , frequency & energy contamination,
  • IMPROVES THE ENERGY OF DRINKS -  water molecules have greater biophotonic energy, water and drinks has better taste, its vital energy is increased, water is softer, more drinkable,
  • REVITALISES WATER and neutralises the damaging effects of dissolved substances.

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It is possible to affect the structure of water, for example its vitality and memory, by carefully selecting information, which can then be imprinted in different materials. It is similar to the way music and computer programs are imprinted on metallic plates.

Crystalline glass, the main component of which is silica oxide, has an excellent ability of accumulating and transferring information. The technology with which the information can be imprinted into the crystalline glass, pottery, metal and some other materials is based on the discoveries of the knowledge of capturing data interpreting data and data transfer. The technology and products made possible by this Hydronic technology received a myriad of awards: the Gold Medal on the Invention Expo in Pittsburgh in 2000, the special award on the same fair for the best innovation in the field of ecology, the gold award on the International Expo of Inventions in Nürenberg, the gold medal on the International Crafts Fair in Celje and many other accolades.

Benefits of informed water bottle

  • Cleans the unwanted memory held within the water of chemical, frequency & energy contamination, 
  • Revives water with positive information, without the use of chemicals,
  • Returns water to its natural state,
  • Effectively penetrates the cell membranes and promotes transport of essential nutrients,
  • Lowers genotoxic factor,
  • Increases energy bio-field,
  • Considerably increases biophotonic energy in water molecules,
  • Improves human energetic bio-field, 
  • Decreases stress factor,
  • Encourages self-cleansing capabilities,
  • Improves ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins,
  • Makes water softer and more pleasant to drink,
  • Reduces sunburn effects,
  • Augments plant growth,
  • Plants are greener and bloom more,
  • Plants have more endurance so we can lower or even stop the use of compounds,
  • Works beneficially on pets and animals.

Drinking enough water

  • The skin is tighter and better hydrated,
  • Improves body hydration,
  • Increases mental and physical fitness,
  • Improves energy levels and increases strength,
  • Improves immune system and regenerates cells,
  • Improves blood circulation,
  • Slows ageing,
  • Promotes body detox.

What customers say

  • Increases focus and concentration,
  • Improves resistance against illness,
  • Lowers stress and improves sleep,
  • Helps with headaches and migraines,
  • Improves digestion,
  • Improved concentration and focus in daily life,
  • Less stress, worry & anxiety,
  • Reduced irritation, anger & frustration,
  • Greater inner peace & happiness,
  • Increased confidence & self-esteem,
  • Improved mental and physical well being.

The Hydronic is installed directly after the water meter. It does not reduce the flow and allows the flow of up to three cubic meters an hour. With proper installation and maintenance the Hydronic will work for a very long time. The information cells can’t be used up. Their effectiveness can be reduced only by a powerful electromagnetic field as well as lightning strikes.

Hydronic/Hydronic Technology has acquired the Declaration of Conformity by The National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food. Number PV 2016/778 and PV 2016/779.

Technical information:
3 / 4 inch connector
155mm length
Non-rusting material