Vitaliser for a healthy and full life

Hydronic Technology 

Vitaliser for a healthy and full life

With the HYDRONIC Technology, we influence the vitality of water, with the impact of the changes in the structure and electrodynamics of molecular groups which are perfectly sufficient to affect a variety of chemical reactions in water and thus also the biochemistry of plant, animal and human organisms if such water is entered into them or if they come into contact with it.

Living matter is able to perceive the physical effects that are far below the threshold of sensitivity of even the most sensitive instruments.

This can be reliably determined with the Allium biological test, which allows us to observe the effects on chromosomes as the basic unit of any living creature.

The Hydronic Technology has received a whole series of international awards for invention, innovations in the field of ecology, etc.

Vitaliser for a healthy and full life

The HYDRONIC can be used in different environments for different purposes:
Houses, homes, offices, greenhouses, gardens, orchards, plantations, fields, woods, parks, ponds, lakes, fish farms, river treatment plants, barns, farms, sport complexes, pools, golf courses, public infrastructure, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, energy plants, research facilities, health centers, wellness, beauty salons, etc.

Hydronic Technology has acquired the Declaration of Conformity by The National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food. Number PV 2016/778 and PV 2016/779.