State estimation of objects, beings, and circumstances

Information Imprint Technology

State estimation of objects, beings, and circumstances

Based on knowledge and experience from the field of the ITP, it is possible to produce the estimations of the state of various objects and beings, as well as circumstances.

With this approach, we get an answer, which we call the information imprint.

The information imprint provides us with the information on the universal and specific conditions, which allows us to create protocols and approaches for changing the identified state.

The information imprint can be made for people, animals, plants, space, materials, circumstances, and the environment.

We and everything that surrounds us exert an influence on everything and everyone. When these influences are in harmony and in line with expectations, we experience no disturbance.

Thus, the acquired information allows us to create an imprint, which shows states that can be harmonised with the help of natural laws that existed long before man had the wish to conquer nature and himself.

When we successfully detect and define the informational energy imprint, we have the option to treat the activities of change.

The ITP allows us to process data in a manner that on the basis of the obtained results, we process procedures for the elaboration of the protocol, which enables the necessary and desired changes.