The transfer of information with orgone radiators

Information transfer technology 

The transfer of information with orgone radiators

For the transfer of captured and treated information, we use orgone emitters.

On the basis of the findings of Wilhelm Reich, the orgone ether is the universal ocean of cosmic energy, which fills and runs the entire Universe, the energy fields of organisms, it affects all processes and meteorological conditions in the Earth's atmosphere and cosmic movements.

In the transfer of information, we use orgone emitters of our own design, which are protected by copyright. On the one hand, we have elements which are the carriers of coded information and messages. These elements are associated with orgone emitters and other information flow converters / transducers and are oriented on a variety of objects and material in which the relevant information gets imprinted.

With the information transfer technology, we achieve that the information is imprinted in the selected objects which they are emitting in the surroundings when used for the specific purpose – or they are functioning in accordance with the current function and accumulated information.

In this procedure, a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pieces of information are transferred.

The information consists of a set of universal information and a specific range of strictly dedicated information. By this, the functioning on a universal and concrete levels is achieved.