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The primary process in the organism is maintaining a proper balance. Any deviation affects our health, well-being, our strength and flexibility, and consequently also our beauty, sensitivity, etc.

Therefore, it is not enough to focus only on the current situation we are in. The essence of the ITP is not only to heal, repair or improve the human energy system, as well as create the flow of energy in it, but to offer support in active involvement in the processes, as well as reducing the negative consequences of past events and current harmful effects. The ITP enable you through an appropriate set of information (I) to activate the energy (E) for the stimulation of natural and autonomous processes that bring us to our primal balance and trigger in us the potential (P) for self-regulation and self-cleaning, which is beneficial for our well-being and health.

For its assessment unit, the Poznik Information Technologies (ITP) use the Informational Energy Potential (IEP), which is a response to the current and lasting conditions in the direction of the interaction of information and energy.

Poznik Technologies are a result of an inner need and the restless spirit of the inventor Vili Poznik. However, they belong to all humanity, because he shares them with any and all willing to cooperate, measure and test his findings.

Vili Poznik - Inventor & founderEverything that surrounds us and that we are made of is a set of vibrations and pieces of information transmitted and distributed by them.

The energies are available to us at all times; it is only a matter of how open and perceptible we are to them. Today, we are lucky to have achieved the knowledge and skills that allow raising the levels of energy and information flow with the help of information technologies of the new age.

POZNIK VILI, inventor and founder of the ITP.