An Invitation to Join our Partnership Programme

A partnership programme has been develop at i9 for all those who can be identified by the positive energy and vibration of our products based on Poznik Technology (TP). The products we produce, promote and sell help to keep our bodies in an optimum balance through our daily activities.

Our partnership network is growing all the time and our intention is to spread positive vibrations and expand our partnership network all over the world.

TP products are positioned as high-valued living style brand. Our goal is to establish a network of partners, who will benefit from long-term cooperation of TP products. We aim to build close and mutually beneficial relationships with successful companies and/or individuals, who will help us with sales & marketing in their designated territories. For more information please contact us.

More types of partnerships are open, however sometimes limited to specific markets only, i.e. 



    Are welcome in all those markets not yet covered by our existent partnership network.



    Is currently open exclusivelly for UK market.



    With high distribution potential among specific customer groups.



    Should be proposed.

In case your network targets non-covered markets and channels reaching customers with characteristics evident from the graph above, you are welcome to join us in one of above mentioned roles. Specific requirements (if any) are described below at each individual partneship’s model.


Become a Distributor

We expect, you have a well established network of retailers across your country which are able to sell one or more groups of products from our product range. We will support you with our products, training, PR articles, images and banners and other promotional tools. We also strongly support the local development of your distribution and sales ecosystem in your own country. In addition, we encourage best practices sharing between our partners from vaious countries where our network is present and organise individual or group meetings and training with our innovator Mr Poznik and his team on demand. Building the relationship between scientiests, medicine doctors, therapiest, buyers and others is also very appreciated and encouraged.

You can express your interest in being one of our distributors via the form available below. We will get back to your shortly.


Become our Affiliate/Referral partner

In case you love to promote special products which help people to feel better and increase their energy and vitality and your target groups are individuals from United Kingdom with an active and healthy lifestyle we invite you to join our affiliate programme and earn 10% commission of the total sales you make (e.g. if you sell 100 GBP you earn 10 GBP). Even more, during our launching campaign days and during some special days (all will be always announced clearly and enough in advance) you will be able to earn even more, i.e. up to 15%.
If you have a proven track record in promoting self-care or healthy lifestyle quality products and services in United Kingdom through your own blog or website or as an addition to your therapeutic or other services complementary to our products you are more than welcome. Your work, activities or services compatible to our products must be clearly seen from your presentation.
Our affiliate acceptance is not automatic. We will carefully check every offer received from you. We promise you, our response time will be fast.
In order to join the Affiliate Programme, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Geo-location: We ship the products in UK only and therefore our affiliate programme is currently open exclusivelly for UK market.
  • Commercial status: Referral/Affiliate Programme is open exclusively for those with a business status. Individuals with no registered commercial activities will not be accepted.
  • You must have a professionally appearing website or blog focused on relevant topics and customers segments in line with our products range.
  • You must not promote our products directly or indirectly through unsolicited mass emails.

We ensure to those who are accepted in our network:

  • cookie length: 90 days
  • dedicated affiliate team and resources
  • regularly updated assets and contents
  • fast payouts
  • instant approvals
  • real time statistics and reporting
  • high quality promotional tools (e.g. banners, images, quotes and similar)

Once you are approved as our affiliate, we will provide you with more practical details.


Co-Branding Programme

Co-Branding Programme is open for those with complementary services or products and with a rich relevant customer base to be used in a specific channel or market. The co-branding and consequently a very unique combined offer would represent a competitive advantage on the market, bring an added value to customers, increase our visibility and bring commercial benefits to both of us.

In case you recognise the advantage in combining products and/or services into the unique joint offer for a purpose to reach a specific channel or market together, please let us know.


Other collaborative models

If you have suggestions for any other types of cooperation, please let us know.