3D Energy TAG - Refrigerator

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  • REDUCES & MINIMIZES FRIDGE ODOR AND MOLD by restoring the natural attributes and vibrations in the water and air in the refrigerator,
  • PROTECTS AND REFRESHES FOOD'S VITALITY by improving its information-energy potential. Water molecules  have greater biophotonic energy, food spoils more slowly, its vital energy is increased.
  • REVIVES WATER in the food and drinks with positive information  and cleans the unwanted memory held within the water of chemical , frequency & energy contamination
  • BIOENERGETIC NUTRITION is a significant part of our energy that comes from food. Informed food is full of vital light energy, which is the basis of the creating and repairing molecules in food, and reveals a great deal about the health of the body and the food we eat.
  • IMPROVES OVERALL WELL-BEING - by improving the energy of food and drinks, we are less tired after meals and we have more energy for our daily activities.

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Protects and improves food's vitality = food's Informational Energy Potential (IEP)

On its way to us, the food is exposed to the impacts that change its energy. It is no longer sufficiently energetically nourishing for the body. With a variety of approaches to informing the food, we achieve that the negative impacts the food or drinks have been exposed to are "erased" from their memory and change their energy value.

After putting the sticker on the fridge, food spoils more slowly and its vital energy is increased. This way we can ensure a healthy meal full of life energy, because the vitalized water brings energy and health into our bodies and reduces any harmful processes in the food. It also lessens the amount of certain colonies in the refrigerator including black mould, which is extremely harmful for the body.

The tag must be placed on the outside of the refrigerator.
Transparent Background
Diameter: 7,5cm / 3in
Units in the package: 1 pc